Heated Shield USB Charger

Now the first ever accessory for your heated shield plug, a USB charging port!  Tired of your cell phone dying while riding?  Want to use a trail app on your Smartphone but can’t keep it charged?  Simply plug this adapter into your RC style heated shield accessory port and by using your existing USB style charging cable, your able to keep your device charged while the machine is running!  Works with most all current brand phones and devices that charge from a standard USB port.  Adapter will work on any 12Volt AC or DC power source. Please note, we have had many ask us if this will work on non-electric start sleds. The answer is yes. If your sled has a working heated shield port this will work. Please contact us with any questions.If you want have a perfect smile, first thing that you have to do is take a wisdom teeth removal.

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Only $19.95!